Huey Mack – Interview

Jarrett – How did you start rapping and who influenced you?

Huey Mack – i honestly dont even remember i always loved music and just picked up a pen one day , id say Kanye, hes probly the most influential musician of the decade in my opinion
Jarrett – What excludes you from the other rappers out there right now
Huey Mack – Alot of things i’d say, I have so many different styles, some days ill go in the stu and put some autotune on and see what i come up with, sometimes i go in and i sing by myself, or sometimes ill just be in the mood to go straight rap, and i feel that alot of people are afraid to do that, because they are afraid people will talk and say they arent a dope mc because they sing or use autotune, but at the end of the day its all about making good music to me not about impressing rap critics.
Jarrett – If you could do a song with any rapper dead or alive who would it be? and why
Huey Mack – thats a tough one, but i’d have to say Kanye, but not the Kanye we see now I’m talking College Dropout ye
Jarrett – Who’s your favorite rapper you worked with?
Huey Mack – well Im going to have to say Bow Wow he’s really the only big one ive worked with, he coached me alot hes a real cool dude very down to earth
Jarrett – Do you have any upcoming projects?
Huey Mack – Ya two actually Wish Me Luck drops May 9th, that will be my first mixtape, but then in August im dropping one called W.O.R.R.Y (Wrong or right remain yourself) i feel like that will be the one that really impresses people because of the message it brings.
Jarrett – What song do your currently play on repeat all the time?
Huey Mack – G’d Up by Wiz Khalifa, crazy song right there, Wiz is about to do crazy things
Jarrett – Any upcoming shows?
Huey Mack – Ya, May 9th at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown,WV mixtape release party
Jarrett – Any shout outs?
Huey Mack – Big Jerm my engineer, producer, dude has helped me so much
Jarrett – Anything else you wanna say?
Huey Mack – DOWNLOAD WISH ME LUCK MAY 9TH lol, follow the twitter @hueymack , or add me on facebook, and thanks it was my pleasure

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