Dizzy D Flashy – Legendary

1.Dizzy D Flashy – In The Morning
2.Dizzy D Flashy – Everything
3.Dizzy D Flashy – Stop Hatin On Me
4.Dizzy D Flashy – Gonorrea
5.Dizzy D Flashy – My Swagg On
6.Dizzy D Flashy – Somebody Or Nobody
7.Dizzy D Flashy – Yo Body
8.Dizzy D Flashy – My Heart Will Move On
9.Dizzy D Flashy – Leave Me Alone
10.Dizzy D Flashy – Meet Me In The Sky
11.Dizzy D Flashy – Legendary
12.Dizzy D Flashy – All Good
13.Dizzy D Flashy – Diversify
14.Dizzy D Flashy – No Hands
15.Dizzy D Flashy – Rebel
Dizzy D reppin the 702! Download his new mixtape Legendary.

One thought on “Dizzy D Flashy – Legendary

  1. Anonymous says:

    ayyyeee i like dhis keep em comin it'll pay off

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