Dave Raps – Interview

We had the opportunity to do an interview with Dave Raps earlier this week. Make sure to check out Dave Raps and make sure to go and download his latest mixtape “Too Unknown”. Also make sure to check his latest music video “In the morning”

Jarrett – How did you start rapping and who influenced you?

Dave Raps – II started rapping about 2 years back…..i dl a bunch of instrumentals on the Carter 3 and spit over them….and i knew that this was what i wanted to do..the feeling was crazzzyyy and.i figured i loved music so much that maybe i should stop being a spectator and start to contribute.
Jarrett – What excludes you from the other rappers out there right now

Dave Raps – Im just a cool dude that wants to make great music…a lot of times people base what they do off of money…im not about that…i do it for the art…if im feeling something I will do it for free plain and simple….as for my sound…i feel like i have a different flow that hasnt really been touched yet…and make music that makes me feel good….i dont try and force shit.
Jarrett – How do you feel about the current state of hip-hop?

Dave Raps – the state of Hiphop is actually pretty good in my eyes…I feel like when Kanye is making “hip-hop” records you can never go wrong..as for Wiz and other artists on the come up i feel its great that they got a huge fanbase that pushes them….with loyal fans youll always be able to have show…..i still feel that there is so much space for new talent tho..and im just telling everyone to make roomm…lolol

Jarrett – Who do you compare yourself to?

Dave Raps – i dont really compare myself to anyone..people have told me i sound like Drake on some records but I dont hear it…im just doing me

Jarrett – What song do your currently play on repeat all the time?

Dave Raps – ive been bumping Kanyes album since it dropped…also that wiz- real estate joint is pretty dope to me right now

Jarrett – What were you expectations for “Too Unknown”

Dave Raps – i figured that it was gonna catch a lot of ears and give me a little buzz thru the blogs…and it did just that…so im content with the results from too unknown

Jarrett – Do you feel that your underrated? And if so why is that?

Dave Raps – I dont really feel that im underrated YET…i have a crazy EP coming out that should really open eyes..so after that ill let u know if im rated fairly..lolol..im a very humble dude so Im just tryna get the exposure i think my music deserves

Jarrett – If you could do a song with any rapper dead or alive who would it be?

I would love to have an official song with Michael Jackson…when i first started rapping I jumped on a couple of his songs…and looped up some parts for me to rap..and i would love for it to be an official joint.

Jarrett – Any upcoming projects?

I got an EP call H.Y.P.E which stands for How Young People Evolve….and its droppin Feb 11th…and its going to be something to really judge me off of…so be on the look out for htat.

Jarrett – Any shout outs?

I definitely gotta shout out my HIghLIfe crew…they’ve been holding me down since i started…and those are the people that i really fuck with..

2 thoughts on “Dave Raps – Interview

  1. Anonymous says:

    Real Nice A Calm Dude, Just How Someone should Be.

  2. Keep doin ur thing homie..#SoProud 🙂

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