[Interview] E.Cov

Upcoming rapper E.Cov(Eric Covington) sat down with BasX’s own BatterBoxBeats

How did you start rapping and who influenced you?

I’ve been writing my own music for a while now but it was behind the scenes in my “Rhyme Book”. I played basketball all my life so that was my main focus at the time, but the passion to write and create my own sound always lingered in my head. Watching my big homie ILL Knob, who used to run with the WU-Tang Clan back in the day always kept me around someone close that was “On the scene”. So I constantly seen how to handle certain business aspects of the game and just the life of a Hip Hop artist. It was only a matter of time before I actually begin to pursue it as my career, at the end of 2009 when I left Arizona State University to come back to Los Angeles, CA. That’s when I really started recording and turning it into a reality for myself and the people around me.

What excludes you from the other rappers out there right now?

There are many talented rappers out there right now, but I’d have to say just my origin in itself makes me a bit different. Me originating from the East Coast and then moving to the West, plays a huge part in my personality, vocabulary and ear for good music. Not saying I’m the first to ever do that, but I’ve always felt like the “Different Kid” growing up and I actually dig it lol. With that being said I have plenty realistic stories to tell about my life and others. So I definitely feel like my smooth delivery and everyday life topics will appeal to a lot of different people out in the world. Who do you compare yourself to? I don’t really compare myself to anyone out right now, but some artist I’ve heard from others would be, a more serious Big Sean and Tyga. You have to be compared to someone is what I know so it doesn’t really bother me, I’m always curious to who people think I remind them of, as long as they know it’s E. Cov at the end of the day. What are your expectations on your career? I have plenty of expectations in my career, but I’ll keep it short. I want people to understand the message I deliver through my music, and to inspire everyone around the world. I have very high expectations for myself however and I’ll make sure I get that done so that my fans see my vision to their best ability.

How are you promoting yourself right now? All my promoting is through just networking on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, tumblr, etc. I grind all day and everyday and I think my fans really admire that about me. Everything that I have now in my career I’ve went out and got it on my own(My team as well). Giving the people good music has been good enough.

Any upcoming projects? My debut project “Steal Of Tha Draft” will be released on July 27th, 2011. This is a Mixtape that will definitely wake a lot of people up in the music world. It was well thought out, and actually put together like an album. I’m very excited for everyone to give it a listen.

Any last thoughts/mentions? I’m just really excited for my new project “Steal Of Tha Drat” to release and see the feedback I get from it. My label Flawle$$ Entertainment and I have working very hard on it and I know it will be a success. My supports, fans, and believers have all been great and lets create an unstoppable movement! #TeamECov straight to the top!

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